Why Does Great Web Design Take So Long?

Why Does Great Web Design Take So Long?

2nd January 2019 0 By Barry

We have all seen the television commercials for the easy-to-build websites. It is simple and can be done in under an hour – right? Yes, that is true regarding website template sites. On the other hand, custom websites designed by experienced professionals with experience UX, the method will take longer and for good reason.

As a B2B web design and marketing organization, we are familiar with confusion regarding deadlines for construction sites, especially since this TV SET advertising say it would be done so quickly. (And never exaggerate television advertising – right) to throw a little light on the process, we all have to share exactly why major B2B web models take longer to generate.

1. It’s Not a Template

The big difference between this throw-together website design services and custom built by a B2B web design agency is that a template and a custom design. Template sites are perfect for start-up companies that have no capital or small one or two person businesses where the yield is lower.

However, for B2B companies that are looking to create a polished, credible presence, a custom website is the way to go. This enables the company to take full control over the design and functionality of the website to ensure it is constant with the surf, build value with prospects and customers, and supports all business and commercial objectives. It enables the web design agency to a web site that all the features and capabilities that are needed to attract, convince, and convert website visitors into new customer to produce leads.

Interested in watching a behind the scenes look at web design and the amount of time taken by each stage? See our post on behind the scenes of a web design project to see what it takes to create a custom B2B website.

2. It’s Designed for User Experience (UX)

All of us do not say that to all the template websites bad user experience, but they are not designed with a specific audience in mind. As a B2B company, a person is likely to focus on buyer persona for your own products or services. Rather than wanting to be the template site that adapt will focus on the needs of a market (and failure possible), it is essential to have a website that meets (and exceeds) the needs of your ideal prospect to build.

The outstanding thing about humans is that they usually adaptable and changeable. With this reason, the consumer experience is constantly growing and adapting to brand new technology. Forget about 10+ years ago when cell phones had no internet for them? (Yes, not all of us.) An experienced web designer is current on all the trends affecting the user experience plus constantly designing a great user experience.

Nevertheless, if the designer does not understand the unique needs plus wants of your perfect buyer, how can meet the particular website or exceed those needs?

3. It Requires Research

An website for a pharmaceutical company looking to attract investors do not have exactly the same function as a drilling tool manufacturer works with a network of suppliers or a good accounting firm looking to work with non-profit companies. As such, professional developers and content experts need time for you to examine the competitive landscape, find images or video that is related and which are suitable for business, and stay at the best of the latest trends.

Your company has a distinctive value proposition units you apart from the specific match, your website needs an extension of who wants value proposition with distinctive design and messaging that does will not become like everyone’s website.

4. It Requires Web Development

The encoding process for taking the design of the website and translating it is considered web development. Now there are good web development practices and lazy web development practices. You definitely get what you reap uses a seasoned web developer pay for and the benefits of such practices.

An improving professional web developer with experience in building large B2B websites will follow best practices for coding to page speed (load time) and imaging functionality. This will work appropriately ensure the website functions and provide end users with a seamless experience (no broken images, links or long load times).

5. Content Is Key to an Effective Website

Content is crucial for many B2B website, and can be as long as a craft to take the design itself. Many marketers underestimate the time involved for a strong content strategy and craft compelling copy that will resonate with developing website visitors. It is counter-productive to copy to slap together since the key to the transfer of the right messaging.

A custom web design solution must also content creation as essential to the process. In many cases, it will affect the overall look and feel of the website itself. At Bop Design, our design and content teams work closely together to ensure the graphics and copy work together to create a great user experience.

6. Search Engine Optimization Impacts Design

A good search engine optimization strategy is made before a website is designed and built. This is because having an impact made on the content, design elements on the website, the website has been developed and will have structured and how all assets are shown on the website.

Not addressing SEO for the design of a website is a surefire way to miss some SEO best practices. Furthermore, any SEO strategy should be unique. There is no way for a templated website to comply with a customized SEO strategy that focuses on attracting your ideal audience online. Moreover, UX and SEO are inseparable and work towards the same goal. It is often impossible to tackle without the other.

While we agree that the web design and development are not necessarily rocket science, it should be a deliberate and thoughtful process that focuses on the ultimate goals of the website. Simply drop images and changing colors in a templated website might work for certain companies. However, for companies serious about effectively attract, convince, and convert new business, a new custom B2B website is usually the best option. This ensures a complete grasp of the efficiency of the website, search engine optimization, customer experience, and brand rendering.